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Making Time for Spiritual Development Outside of Sunday Mornings.

A person's total development and well-being depend heavily on their relationship with the Holy Spirit. While attending church on a Sunday morning can be a wonderful way to build relationships with other Christians and deepen one's faith, it's vital to keep in mind that spiritual development continues after the service. True spiritual development actually happens when a person actively incorporates their faith into their daily lives and looks for chances to advance and deepen their understanding of how God thinks acts a feels towards you and others. This can be accomplished by praying, reading the bible, giving back to the community, volunteering, and engaging in Bible studies or small groups. Making time for spiritual development outside of Sunday mornings is crucial for completely comprehending and practicing one's faith.

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One easy way to get started is by using the YouVersion Bible App and the Upward Church app together. The Upward Church mobile app offers a hand picked selection of bible devotionals from the Bible app in our resources tab to make it easy to get started. We also recommend devotionals on a regular basis that can received push notifications for. YouVersion also include a Bible app for kids that makes learning about the bible in fun way through games and stories.

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