Born for the Extraordinary

Bread Crumbs

Our Creator left bread crumbs along our path to help us find our specific purpose in life. Now, it's our turn to discover how we were "Born for the Extraordinary"!

At the end of our lives, will we be able to proclaim with confidence that we lived the life we were destined to live? Will we have finally scratched the proverbial itch to find our real purpose?

February 21, 2021
Craig Walker
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At the end of your life, will you be able to say you squeezed out all the gusto and good you were created for? Deep inside all of us is the relentless knowledge that we were created for greatness, yet years can pass, and all our efforts do not add up to what we envisioned life would bring. It is time to answer the high calling within you. It is time to unlock your potential as never before. You were created for this. You were born for the extraordinary.

Discussion Questions

(The goal is to grow in our relationship with Christ and each other. It is ok if you don’t cover every question.)

1. What is something or someone you pursued with great determination (i.e., a sport, a career, a degree, an accomplishment, a spouse, etc.)?

2. How do you decide if something or someone is worth your effort and pursuit?

3. God still speaks today. What are some ways you can listen and hear him this week?

4. Living on mission means expecting that God will use you. Do you expect God to use you? Why or why not?

5. In living a life of the extraordinary we should look for opportunities to share what God has done in our lives. Why do opportunities to share the gospel sometimes go unrecognized? Why are opportunities sometimes rejected?

6. How are you going to live more purposeful in seeking out opportunities this week?

7. Who is one person God is calling you to reach out to this week?

Moving Forward

"The way of the righteous is like morning light that gets brighter and brighter till it is full day." Proverbs 4:18 CEB

Changing Your Mind

Time will continue to trudge along, all the while withdrawing from our life’s account. Unearthing your destiny cannot be delayed. We were born into this generation by God's design to reach our highest potential. Time is the real enemy, like a wild stallion, it must be tamed and brought under control. Time waits for no one.


Close your time in prayer, asking God to help your group realize God’s plan for each of them as unique creations. Pray that your group would be characterized by having a deep sense of purpose in spreading the gospel. Ask the Lord to instill in each group member the truth that He loves them and has a special plan for their lives.

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