Top 10 Money Principals

Want your finances to THRIVE? Discover the top ten biblical money principles!

Money doesn't come with an owner's manual, but the Bible gives us ancient principles for modern money!

March 28, 2021
Craig Walker
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Do you know that the Bible has more to say about finances and money than it does about faith? While the Bible has about 500 verses on faith and prayer, there are over 2,000 verses on money. In fact, 40% of Jesus' parables were about money and how we handle it. If the scriptures have so much to say about finances, then just maybe God wants us to understand its importance and how to wisely use it. Let’s commit to live by God’s financial guidelines.

Discussion Questions

(The goal is to grow in our relationship with Christ and each other. It is ok if you don’t cover every question.)

1.  What are you most likely to indulge in, to spend money on, even if the price is unreasonable?

2.  What’s the best advice about money you were ever given? Who gave it to you?

3. Have a volunteer read proverbs 3:9-10. What would it mean for a believer to honor the Lord with the “firstfruits” of the harvest today?

4. What’s the difference between giving to the Lord from the first portion of your income rather than the last?

5. Besides giving money to church, what are some other practical ways we can honor the Lord with our wealth?

6. Have a volunteer read Proverbs 21:20 Is debt avoidable? Should a Christian never be in debt? Why or why not?

7. What have you discovered that your spending habits reveal about what you truly treasure and trust?

8. What financial decision is God calling you to make this week? Where can you cut back to honor God with your money? Where can you give generously?

Moving Forward

Work Hard - The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage - Proverbs 21:5

Changing Your Mind

As one learns to follow these eternal principles in his personal finances, he will know the joy that comes from trusting and obeying God.


Pray for God to help us honor Him in the way we make and manage our money.

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