Not Left As Orphans
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Not Left As Orphans

May 2, 2021


Today’s society lives in a form of isolation, yet we have never been more accessible. Those who have made Jesus Lord of their lives don’t have to fear loneliness. This week Pastor Craig discussed why that is the case.

Discussion Questions

(The goal is to grow in our relationship with Christ and each other. It is ok if you don’t cover every question.)

1. What was the house or apartment like that you lived in when you were in grade school? How many rooms were in it, and what room gave you the most comfort?

2. When you got upset or worried as a child, what was your main source of comfort: a parent, a sibling, a best friend, a pet, comfort food, a special place or object, or something else?

3. Ask a volunteer to read John 14:15-21 – How is the Holy Spirit our “helper” (v. 16)? In what ways does the spirit help us in our walk with Christ?

4. When Jesus told the disciples that He would send “another,” He used the word that meant another of the same kind. The counselor will be like Jesus Himself. In what ways is the Holy Spirit like Jesus?

5. What did Jesus mean when He said He would not leave the disciples “as orphans” (v. 18)?

6. When, if ever, have you felt like an “orphan,” like you were all alone in the world with no one to care for you?

7. When has Christ come to you at a time when you were feeling like an orphan? Thank Him for His comfort and presence during that difficult time.

8. How might reminding yourself that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, change the way you approach your walk with Christ?

9. How might relying on the Spirit’s power help you overcome feelings of inadequacy? What is one area of your life in which you need to rely on the power of the Spirit to help you glorify God?

Moving Forward

Our adoption by God has many benefits but one of them is that God places us in a family with many brothers and sisters that we call the Church.

Changing Your Mind

Paul said to the believers in Rome, “For his spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.” Romans 8:16 NLT


Thank God that He did not leave you alone when Jesus ascended to Heaven, but He gave His Spirit to help carryout His work in the world. Invite His Holy Spirit to be with you in a special way during the week to come, comforting you with the knowledge that you are part of a kingdom that will never fail.